Looking for a guild? Made up of four guilds, the TBA Alliance may be right for you.


FP1TBA, by numbers, is the largest guild in the alliance. Consisting mainly of characters geared towards Player vs Monster combat, TBA is accepting of all playstyles including, but not limited to bards, tamers, dexxers, mages, crafters, treasure hunters and fishermen. Known generally as a kind and giving guild that is open to both new players and veterans alike, TBA claims Skara Brae as its home town.

TBA is actively accepting new members.

mibW84IT and TRR are small, exclusive squads of highly skilled players with a strong Ultima Online background. Experts in their given fields, both of these guilds bring strong veteran players to the table, with characters that encompass all aspects of the game including elite crafters, merchants, PvPers, and PvM characters.

W84IT and TRR are currently not accepting new members.

FP4While the worlds of crafting and PvM are generally peaceful with good people who are always there to lend a helping hand, there is another side to this game, a darker side. Enter DoW. DoW is full of murderers, thieves, and people who, for the most part, genuinely enjoy ruining someone’s day. Many people from the other three guilds in the alliance also have a character in DoW. With a focus on Player vs Player interaction and a penchant for collecting heads, DoW claims the jungle south of Trinsic as its home.

DoW is actively accepting new members.

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